Terre di Sacra



Terre di Sacra: the place you will always want to return to

Terre di Sacra is a place where nature is stronger than anything and for a strange alchemy you always want to come back.


Villas and Cottages at Terre di Sacra in Capalbio are surrounded by 1000 hectares which run along the seashore for 12 kilometers and where the first Italian WWF Oasis was created.

All villas and cottages have been renovated in a southern Tuscany style, they all have a private access to the beach and perfectly meet the requirements of charming holidays where nature and space are the real luxury.


The Glamping is immersed in the nature of the Terre di Sacra estate. The Glamping Lodges and Cabins a few steps from the beach offer the unique possibility of a detox holiday by the sea without giving up comfort and beauty. Choose between the Lodges, inspired by African safari tents or the new Cabins – private suites immersed in the Maremma pine trees.


Capalbio beaches are renowned in Italy and worldwide for their golden sand, dunes and beautiful Mediterranean maquis. Long stretches of untouched free beach alternate with areas equipped with every amenity. 

Terre di Sacra: the territory’s history

The motive that, in 1922, caused a group of friends and entrepreneurs to acquire the property stretching from the Castle of Capalbio to the sea and establish Terre di Sacra was: “redeem the land” in order to produce new resources. This profound motive became a part of the company’s name: Società Anonima Capalbio Redenta Agricola (S.A.C.R.A. – Capalbio Redeemed Farmland Public Limited Company).

This is the estate

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12Km of coastline

All within the estate

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