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7 questions for Carlo Puri Negri, President of Terre di Sacra

Carlo Puri Negri, entrepreneur born in Genoa in love with Capalbio, is the President of Terre di Sacra. A huge 9000-hectare estate established in…

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Circular Beach Harvest at Terre di Sacra

Did you know that 800 million tons of wastes are dumped into the sea every year? Every day, Italy dumps the equivalent of two…

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What’s new at Terre di Sacra in 2021: charming holidays in Capalbio

To welcome tourists, visitors and holidaymakers in the best way, Terre di Sacra renovates and improves every year. In respect of the environment and…

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Large spaces and distancing at Terre di Sacra

Holidays at Terre di Sacra are the ideal solution to keep social distancing. Here, you will find large spaces, private beach and a very…

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