Terre di Sacra



Activities at Terre di Sacra

Terre di Sacra is the perfect place to spend unforgettable holidays practicing sports, enjoying moments of relaxation and making really unique experiences.

Whether you are sports enthusiasts or do not have the slightest intention to move a single muscle, we have planned to make your stay at Terre di Sacra enjoyable. Our concierge and their team of professionals can arrange moments of sports, relaxation and unique experiences to live with your family.


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What you need to know about our houses

Villas and Cottages at Terre di Sacra in Capalbio are surrounded by 1000 hectares which run along the seashore for 12 kilometers and where the first Italian WWF Oasis was created. All villas and cottages have been renovated in a southern Tuscany style, they all have a private access to the beach and perfectly meet the requirements of charming holidays where nature and space are the real luxury.
Terre di Sacra can be easily reached from Rome Fiumicino Airport, at a distance of little more than 100km (a one-hour drive), and from Grosseto Airport, 50km away, for private flights (a 40-minute drive).

Choose the type of house you prefer

Villas are our biggest option with 7/8 bedrooms and a vast private garden. A number of Villas have a heated swimming pool and all have a direct access to the beach.
Cottages with their 4/5 bedrooms offer the perfect solution to those who love the view of the lake or desire the direct access to the beach.
Small Cottages are the cosiest option at Terre di Sacra with 2/3 bedrooms each. They overlook the suggestive Lake of Burano and the beach can be comfortably reached through a private road reserved for the guests of these cottages.

12km of seashore

all within the estate

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