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Maremma Regional Park, an excursion for the whole family.

Wild beaches, Mediterranean maquis and sand dunes that turn into pine woods: Maremma Regional Park is all this and much more.

Maremma Regional Park stretches for 25 kilometers south of Grosseto along the coastline from Principina a Mare to Talamone. Real paradise for migratory birds, foxes, wild boars and turtles. Here, Nature is a heritage you can visit all year long.

Maremma Regional Park is the first Natural Park in Tuscany with 9800 hectares of protected land. Its territory extends from the seaside to the hills, a shelter for mammals and birds.

Butteri, the soul of Maremma

Butteri are the soul of Maremma: herders maintaining old traditions, farmers who cross marshlands horse riding and herding cows with long lyre-shaped horns through coastal pastures.

Maremma Regional Park’s Butteri make us think of Wild West in Tuscan style. They are the heirs of a lifestyle that is disappearing: they speak a very old dialect and try to maintain old traditions.

At Maremma Regional Park you can learn Butteri’s history, admire their ability in herding cattle and taste the meat and cheese they produce.

It is possible to make excursions by foot, horse, bicycle or canoe inside Maremma Regional Park. During excursions, you can also visit San Rabano Cistercian abbey’s ruins, the caves of Caprarecce, Cala di Forno bay and the famous Punta del Corvo, a panoramic viewpoint, the ideal destination for naturalistic photography lovers.

If you are longing for holidays immersed in nature but are also sea lovers, the perfect beach destination is Marina di Alberese, suitable for the whole family. A beach with facilities, car parking and footbridge for people with disabilities.

Flora and fauna at Maremma Regional Park: a wonderful place for the whole family

At Maremma Regional Park you can meet some relatively common animals: foxes, badgers, porcupines and European lepers along with various species of small mammals. You can also see wild cats, pine martens and wolves.

Birds dominate Maremma Regional Park: in fact, the Park includes over 270 bird species. Wetlands represent a fundamental winter shelter for numerous water bird species.

The area near river Ombrone’s mouth has earned international renown in the last few years after becoming a winter shelter for numerous flocks of wild geese and cranes.

The Park is also a place where many important species nest, like Kentish plovers, stone-curlews and European rollers and, thanks to a reintroduction project, ospreys have returned to nest here since 2010.

Plan your visit to Maremma Regional Park from Terre di Sacra

For those longing to experience a holiday immersed in nature and are guests at Terre di Sacra, we suggest visiting Maremma Regional Park. The Park is located at Alberese, in the Grosseto’s province.

During summer, you can visit Maremma Regional Park only accompanied by authorized guides due to the risk of fires. You can tour it freely in autumn, winter and spring.

The Park organizes individual guided tours and also for groups (a reservation is requested), with the possibility of night excursions too.

It takes about a 35-minute drive to get to Maremma Regional Park from Terre di Sacra.