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Saturnia Thermal Baths, a paradise for your body and mind

Saturnia Thermal Baths in Tuscany are a real paradise to renovate your body and mind. Saturnia is one of the most famous thermal destinations in Italy and it is very much appreciated by foreign visitors.

The water at Saturnia Thermal Baths is magical, a therapy for skin diseases and disorders involving the respiratory apparatus, digestive tract and vascular system. Saturnia has been the destination for people longing for relief, comfort and energy.

A classic destination in Italy for people longing to relax and leave thoughts behind to focus only on their own body’s and mind’s well- being. Saturnia is a small area in the Manciano municipality, in Tuscan Maremma. Small but famous, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Saturnia Thermal Baths’ history

Saturnia Thermal Baths’s history dates back to a long time ago. Legend has it that Jupiter, angry with Saturn, threw a lightning bolt against him. The lightning bolt missed the target and stroke the site where the present Thermal Baths lie. The name Saturnia refers to that legend.

The site had already been known in the Etruscan period. Etruscan and Roman ruins found here testify how regularly they used to come to this place. Romans even built a road, Via Clodia, connecting with Via Aurelia, to make it easier to reach this well-being location which was already that famous back then.

In more recent times, sulphureous waters have been suggested as a remedy for respiratory, skin and digestive disorders. Particularly during the 1800’s, Saturnia’s attractiveness grew after becoming the favorite destination of wealthy families’ members, who used to go there to find relief and comfort.

Nowadays, Saturnia Thermal Baths are chosen both for therapeutic reasons and for pleasure. Beautiful natural pools, along with the resort’s pools, are a unique and magic setting surrounded by nature. Over the years, a lot of spas have been established which use sulphureous water, steams and muds to cure disorders and blemishes.

Well-being for your mind

Saturnia’s sulphureous waters have a constant temperature of 37.5°C and have well-known exceptional therapeutic qualities. But it’s not only water that heals you. It’s the nature embracing the Baths in an oasis of peacefulness, well-being and energy.

Many Saturnia-goers affirm that the color of trees, the light breeze and the shape of natural pools contribute to the feeling of well-being and relaxation. At Saturnia, you can choose between a free entrance to natural pools and a paid entrance to the resort with all the facilities.

A water that comes from very far away

Before arriving to Saturnia Thermal Baths, water makes a very long journey. It takes 40 years for the water to complete its ‘journey’: it crosses Monte Amiata’s depths and filters through micro-fissures of cavernous limestone, protected from the outside by a 60-meter thick argillaceous layer. At the end of this journey, water arrives at Saturnia Thermal Baths enriched with gases and mineral salts. Saturnia Thermal Baths’ water springs at a constant temperature of 37.5°C and with a flow of 800 liters a second, which guarantees a complete turnover of thermal pools every four hours.