Terre di Sacra



Holidays at Terre di Sacra are rich in culture, nature and love for the beauty of both the territory and artworks in this area. Temporary art installations and cultural events complement your charming holiday in Southern Tuscany. 


From July 26th until September 15th Terre di Sacra will host Hypermaremmaa project that aims at creating works and events of contemporary arts to activate Maremma through art exhibitions, site-specific installations, talks, sound experiences, national and international artists.

The aim is to spark a dialogue with Southern Tuscany’s landscape and its history. The project introduces a new way to experience Maremma’s territory through the hyperactivity that distinguishes present days and new generations of artists. The clear contrast between slower time and natural rhythm of Maremma and the art installations make this project innovative and unexpected.


SPAZIO AMATO by Massimo Uberti

SPAZIO AMATO is the big neon light installation conceived by Massimo Uberti specifically for Hypermaremma 2020 edition. The artwork is hosted by Terre di Sacra and it is a tribute to the landscape of this part of Maremma.

The Nature Reserve of Lake of Burano and WWF Oasis make a short-circuit with the neon writing that the artist has decided to place right in front of Lake of Burano. The viewer is led to think about the striking contrast between natural and artificial elements in such an extraordinary context. At the same time, the art installation aims at raising people’s awareness of the uniqueness of this territory, the need to protect and preserve it over the years.

Massimo Uberti focuses on expressing the paradigm of light as a disclosed space: even on this occasion, the artist uses a neon light source as a sign to redesign the landscape hosting the installation. 

The real #spazioamato at Terre di Sacra

Guests at Terre di Sacra feel the culture of beauty and respect for nature that pervade the Tenuta. All architectural, agricultural and touristic choices here have been motivated by our respect for nature and the beauty and love for spaces.

Terre di Sacra is a firm established in 1922 born by the love of a group of entrepreneurs for a wild territory that needed to be protected and preserved. Passion and respect are still behind the choice to open the Tenuta to events such as Hypermaremma and make our Ville and Cottages’ guests participate to the cultural and artistic scene of Southern Tuscany.

The harmony between nature, love for beauty and cultural events are the key that makes staying at Terre di Sacra an unforgettable charming holiday.

Culture and beauty in Capalbio: Tarot Garden 

Southern Tuscany and the area around Capalbio are places loved by tourists and locals for the beauty of its nature and richness in monuments. The center of Capalbio, which is not far from Terre di Sacra, is a wonderful medieval village rich in history and cultural events.

Another point of reference in the cultural scene of Capalbio is the Tarot Garden. In 1979, the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle started working to create such a massive project dedicated to Major Arcana of the Tarot cards. Visiting the park is an unforgettable visual experience: lights and shadows shatter against the hundreds of colorful tiles covering the arcana. Glasses, mirrors and ceramics shine under the sun of Maremma.

Olive trees in the park and the surrounding nature contrast with the statues’ bright and vivid colors.

A visit to the Tarot Garden is also perfect with children as they will be stunned by the statues’ sizes and colors.