Terre di Sacra



Eco-friendly tourism at Terre di Sacra’s farm

Terre di Sacra, Capalbio Ecotourism in Tuscany

A holiday at Terre di Sacra means relaxation but also eco-friendly tourism and biological farming. The love and respect for this territory have always guided eco-friendly choices made by the farm.

Biological agricolture and farming

Terre di Sacra stretches for about 1000 hectares within the municipality of Capalbio. A 11-kilometer-long beach, a salted lake and thousand-year dunes make this eco-friendly tourism location one of a kind.

Farming and agriculture in the respect of nature have been the core of the farm’s activity from the very beginning. We have already told how the first founders of S.A.C.R.A. brought new technologies and entrepreneurial spirit into a wild and inhospitable land. 

The aptitude to look ahead is part of Terre di Sacra’s DNA, who applied biological standards to agriculture and farming far before they were trendy. Biological farming sustains the health of animals, the environment as well as the health of final consumers.

Since 2017, the farm is officially organic

Since 2017, the farm is officially organic: all raw products come from the farm itself or biological producers and all production or transformation processes are carried out following defined regulations and standards. This puts nature and animals before a market logic that encourages intensive farming and the use of pesticides and drugs.

Maremmana cows bred at Terre di Sacra graze in a wild state at Macchiatonda and the forage they are fed with is produced solely by Terre di Sacra. There are currently 80 Maremmana cows at the farm, bred for their exquisite meat, which is poor in fat and rich in proteins.  

For a true eco-friendly experience, we suggest visiting the page on Butteri della Maremma. Butteri were mounted herders taking animals to their grazing land. Their role has now disappeared but the wish to preserve Butteri’s tradition and history remains. It is possible to admire their skills during different folk celebrations taking place in Souther Tuscany in summer.

Preservation and protection of the territory

Different strategies have been studied to preserve and protect this amazing environment. The farm grows sunflowers as feed for Maremmana cows: sunflowers are naturally pollinated by bees whose beehives are maintained by the farm. This avoids the use of artificial techniques and also allows you to have organic honey. Honey, oil and vegetables production is too small yet to market them but we cannot exclude that they won’t be available for sale in the future.

The top production at Terre di Sacra is that of cereals: wheat, spelt and durum wheat which is used as forage for Maremmana cows and sold to biological mills in the surrounding areas.