Terre di Sacra



Terre di Sacra, Capalbio and Southern Tuscany are worth a visit any time of the year. Untouched sand dunes, 25000 birds in winter and over 500 species of Mediterranean plants. Discover the four seasons with us at Terre di Sacra and in the territory of Burano WWF Oasis.

Terre di Sacra and Burano Oasis: a bird watcher’s paradise in winter.

Spending winter holidays at Terre di Sacra is an unforgettable experience. The vast spaces of the Tenuta, not crowded even in summer, will be at your own disposal. And there is more. Burano Oasis, the first WWF Oasis to be established in Italy, includes the land of Terre di Sacra and 25000 non-migratory, migratory and wintering birds inhabit its 410 hectares. 

From October until March, bird watchers will have the chance to watch Eurasian coots and marsh harriers, white-tailed eagles and ospreys in observation hides without disturbing them. Special observation hides are also available to photography lovers, where they will be able to take amazing photographs.

Spring is painted by butterflies and orchids at Terre di Sacra

In May and June, African migratory butterflies cross the Burano Oasis. Coming from Southern and Central African countries, butterflies, two-tailed pashas and hawk moths (similar to hummingbirds) fly north to spend summertime. Spring is the time of the year when the Oasis is painted by colors as many of the 500 of plant species bloom. In the area close to Burano there are 37 known varieties of orchids that cannot be easily seen elsewhere.

In spring, guests at Terre di Sacra will have the chance to watch colorful migratory birds cross the sky during their very long journeys to reach their destinations. For example, garganeys fly from Central African States to Northern Italy but also to Russia and, taking a southernmost route, over to Japan.

Summer is the time of sand dunes at Terre di Sacra

Burano Oasis’s sand was carried to the valley by river Fiora’s waters over the past thousands of years: besides rocks, the river carried magnetite, the most magnetic rock mineral in nature. Take a magnet with you and look at how sand reacts!

Dunes at Terre di Sacra have another impressive characteristic: they’re an untouched tract of coastline. This means that the landscape, its plants and many of the animal species we see today are the same that could be seen in the territory 5000 years ago. It’s fascinating to think that the landscape at Terre di Sacra is just the same that could be seen by Etruscans and Ancient Romans and it is interesting to notice the large-scale urbanization of the coastline just a few kilometers away.

Golden autumn at Lake of Burano

Autumn is particularly loved by many guests visiting Terre di Sacra for the beautiful colors of nature at this time of the year, the passage of migratory birds going south and the peace and tranquility that can be felt at the estate.

Golden sun rays over the horizon reflect on the waters of Lake of Burano. The fresh autumn morning air is perfect for walking near the reed-beds and watch birds fly.     When it rains, very rare mushrooms grow on dunes and they draw photographers’ and mycologists’ attention. Although mushrooms growing in the sand are not edible, they are incredibly rare and precious.