Terre di Sacra



What is the real essence of Glamping? Don’t call it camping, as real glamping is a sustainable 5-star holiday surrounded by nature and style

“Glamourous camping” or glamping is today one of the most authentic ways to spend a holiday, that is surrounded by nature but still with a touch of style.

In close touch with nature but with details of style

Glamping replaces the desire for luxury and prestige holidays (such as a stay in an exclusive holiday resort or a traditional luxury hotel) with an experience in close touch with nature, that is also comfortable, unique and sustainable, in the countryside or by the sea. That’s why the ideal location for glamping holidays is always in the heart of a nature reserve or in the nearby of an untouched place of great naturalistic interest, still having all the comforts and modern amenities you can find in a 5-star lodging, adjusted in order to have the lowest environmental impact and the highest environmental sustainability. 

What makes glamping different from camping? In a campsite, accommodations and services are usually expected to be frugal and thrifty. In a glamping holiday, you can choose to enjoy large spaces reserved for your privacy or you can share common areas with other people in the beating heart of the site; the accommodations are spacious tents, furnished like homes: a kitchen, air conditioning, real beds, a shower and an en suite bathroom, in the heart of a remarkable and charming natural environment. That’s why such tents should be more properly called lodges.

A sustainable and sophisticated holiday

A glamping holiday gives you top quality services, which you cannot usually find at campsites, such as tent cleaning, excellent restaurants close to the lodges, room service with delicious quality food, environmentally friendly activities and more. 

In short, glamping is a sophisticated holiday where comfort and style are the key to an unforgettable experience. The essence of a glamping holiday is spending a vacation surrounded by an enchanting nature combined with comfort and luxury amenities.

Glamping at Terre di Sacra

t Terre di Sacra, Glamping started a few years ago. The site is breathtaking. Lodges are located a few steps away from the seaside, right in front of the Spiaggia della Dogana, surrounded by the fascinating nature of the Oasis of Burano, the first WWF Oasis to be opened in Italy. The lodges that are closer to the beach have a panoramic view over the sea and wild sand dunes behind them. All the lodges are spacious and large spaces separate them from the other buildings. Under your lodge’s patio you will find a table with chairs and elegant outdoor sofas. Short private trails will lead you to the beach from your lodge.

At the Spiaggia della Dogana you will find a beach with amenities, Restaurant La Dogana and Bar Il Doganino by Enoteca La Torre as well as a play area for children. If you want, you can also have beach towels, sun umbrellas and sun beds (with mattresses to make your sun bed more comfortable).

Kitchen, restaurant or room service?

Restaurants at Terre di Sacra’s Glamping will offer you a wine and food experience to remember. Anyway, all lodges have their own fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your meals. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can ask our room service to deliver your lunch, dinner and breakfast directly at your lodge thanks to the delicious EatMe box proposals by Enoteca La Torre. Or you can order a pic-nic lunch box from the restaurant and eat it at the beach. You will be notified when the lunch box is ready.

If you need anything else, at Terre di Sacra there is also a Bistro Restaurant, a pizzeria and mini-market for your shopping.

Who is a Glamping holiday suitable for?

A Glamping holiday at Terre di Sacra is for everyone: families, couples, groups of friends. It is the kind of holiday that encourages activities, respect for the environment and a politely animated entertainment.

No need to say that the sea, the beaches, the sun, food and wine remain the major attractions at Terre di Sacra. In addition to that, the surrounding territory deserves to be discovered: the Oasis at Lake of Burano, the seaside, the inland. Forget the car, if not strictly necessary. You will have electric and traditional bicycles at your disposal to move around and for your day trips in the surroundings, to get around in a sustainable way.   

You can plan inland or sea excursions or practice sustainable fishing at Lake of Burano. If you like staying at the Glamping site you can do yoga with our resident teachers. Or you can rent the tennis court. You can also practice or learn sailing or kite surfing, experience the emotion of birdwatching, visit the WWF Oasis with your children and watch the reserve’s animals, learn the basics of horseback riding and many other activities that you can discovers directly on site.

Opening times in September-October 2022

Thanks to the extraordinary weather we’ve had in Summer 2022, Terre di Sacra’s Glamping will be open until early November 2022. Some of the services won’t be available, according to the following calendar.

Until Sep, 11th, 2022

Glamping : open every day

Glamping Bar and Bistro: open every day 8:00 – 23:00

Glamping Minimarket: open every day 8:00 -22:00

Restaurant La Dogana: open every day 9:00 – 23:00

Room services at the tents: breakfast boxes can be ordered from the Bistro Bar within 19:00 of the day before


From 12 Sept to 2 Oct 2022

Glamping: open every day

Glamping Bar and Bistrot: closed

Minimarket Glamping: open every day 09:00 – 12:00, 16:00 – 20:00

Restaurant La Dogana: open every day 08:00 – 23:00

Room services at lodges: not available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can only be taken out from Restaurant La Dogana


From 3 Oct to 2 Nov 2022

Glamping: open on weekends from Friday morning til Monday morning

Glamping Bar and Bistrot: closed

Minimarket: closed

Restaurant La Dogana: open on weekends: Friday 12:00 – 23:00; Saturday & Sunday 08:00-23:00; Monday for breakfast 08:00 – 11:00

Room services at tents: not available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can only be taken out from Restaurant La Dogana only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays