Terre di Sacra



Discover where to stay at Terre di Sacra Glamping

Your stay at the Terre di Sacra Glamping Wooden Lodge will be eco-friendly and respectful of nature, nevertheless comfortable. Discover all types of available Lodges and book your unforgettable vacation in the heart of the WWF Nature Reserve of Lake of Burano.

Tents or Bungalows?

Discover where to stay at Terre di Sacra Glamping

At Terre di Sacra Retreat & Glamping you can stay in one of the African safari inspired lodges or in our new Wooden Lodges, real suites, inspired by seaside cottages.

Tent Lodges are spacious tents fixed on wooden platforms on the ground. Platforms represent a solid base for structures equipped with all the comfort without losing harmony with the surrounding nature.

The use of lodge tents started in Africa, particularly in Eastern-South Africa, where this model is the perfect accommodation for animal lovers who want to spend some time immersed in wildlife observation. The type of accommodation varies considerably, from huts without running water and AC to fully featured luxury resorts as in Europe.

Wooden Lodges are our new type of Glamping accommodation, beautifully designed to give you both privacy and comfort immersed in the typical Tuscan pine trees. The fabrics, materials, and colors of the interiors of the Glamping Cabins are studied to be in harmony with the territory, the sea, and the beach, making your vacation natural and exclusive at the same time.

All types of cabins available at Terre di Sacra Glamping have a bathroom, shower, air-conditioner, kitchen, with comfortable beds to sleep as if you were in a hotel.

The beauty of Lodges and Cabins at Terre di Sacra Glamping resides in the combination of informality with the comfort of a permanent structure. No need to choose between camping and staying in a hotel: glamping encompasses the best of the two worlds!


Breakfast corner and a fitted kitchen

To fully enjoy your vacation, Terre di Sacra’s Glamping has equipped all lodges with induction cooktops, espresso machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens, tables and chairs. Kitchens are equipped with pots and dishes. Standard Lodges, the basic type, do not have a kitchen but a breakfast corner with an espresso machine, a refrigerator and a microwave oven.

Within Terre di Sacra’s Glamping there is a Minimarket run by Enoteca La Torre where you can find different kinds of household products. You can certainly also find fresh products: cured meats, cheese, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. It is a real small market attached to the Pizzeria Restaurant where you can be served at your table as well as order a take-away meal. At lunch, a bistro menu is served (bagels, pizzas, pokes, tramezzini, salads and fresh fruit) while at dinner you can have a restaurant menu based on local and seasonal products, serving a variety of dishes which goes from meat to fish and vegetarian ones.


Unforgettable vacation with children

A vacation spent at the Glamping lodges can be a comfortable holiday for adults and unforgettable for children. After many months spent at home, such an immersion in nature will certainly be memorable for the whole family. 

To wake up with the sunlight shining through the tent’s canvas, listen to the birds singing and recognize the sound of sea waves breaking: all these experiences are precious to youngest guests that will feel a little like adventurers, a little like explorers while walking on the Glamping’s paths.

Sea-view lodges or beachfront lodges are perfect if you want to travel with your imagination to distant islands or just run on the beach freely. The untamed nature of the WWF Oasis of Burano is the perfect location to explore and get to know plants and birds inhabiting WWF’s nature reserve.

Back to school after vacations, the youngest guests at Terre di Sacra Glamping will have many stories to tell about the scents, sounds and emotions discovered on the seaside in Tuscany. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Glamping like camping?

No, Glamping at Terre di Sacra is conceptually very different from camping. Glamping at Terre di Sacra corresponds to a stay in a luxury suite with high-level services and comfort. The lodges and cabins are wooden structures inspired by the mood of African safaris. The lodges are located on the dunes very close to the sea, while the cabins are immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, just a few steps from the sea. The cabins have spacious interiors. All cabins and lodges can accommodate up to 4 people in air-conditioned rooms, with real wooden wardrobes and real beds with mattresses and pillows, two luxury ceramic bathrooms, hydro-massage showers, a kitchen with stoves and a microwave, a large living room with quality sofas and armchairs, and rattan sofas on the veranda. In addition, there are many other high-quality services.

What services do I have in Glamping?

At Terre di Sacra Glamping, guests have access to several kilometers of free beach and the equipped beach of the Dogana Beach Club. Various refreshment services are available: the Bistro in the glamping pine forest, the La Dogana restaurant, and the Doganino bar on the beach. La Dogana prepares box lunches to be enjoyed under the beach umbrella, delicious lunches and dinners at the restaurant, and aperitifs and cocktails at the Doganino Lounge bar. There is a mini-market with gastronomic products, household items, and everything you need for a glamping vacation. If you want to barbecue, there is a dedicated BBQ area for grilling safely, away from the scrub. Our reception can suggest sports and cultural activities in the area, book excursions, and guide you to explore the WWF Oasis, just a step away from the Glamping.

Can I have privacy and distancing in Glamping?

Terre di Sacra has long been an example of slow tourism and natural social distancing. At Terre di Sacra Glamping, we have created an environment where space, silence, and privacy combine with comfort and services for all our guests. Our lodges and cabins are strategically arranged, spaced with ample distances, and appropriately sheltered by natural vegetation to ensure maximum privacy. Furthermore, overcrowding is never an issue in the spaces of Terre di Sacra; our commitment is to offer everyone a reserved and relaxing vacation.

Why choose a vacation at Terre di Sacra Glamping?

Terre di Sacra Glamping is designed to be an exclusive experience where nature and luxury blend seamlessly. The Glamping Lodges are located on the dunes practically on the sea, while the cabins are immersed in the Mediterranean scrub just steps from the beach. Both cabins and lodges are a short walk from the La Dogana beach club. Therefore, our glamping offers a detox vacation by the sea without sacrificing comfort and charm. Choosing the Glamping Lodges or Cabins is equivalent to having a private suite directly on the sea or immersed in the Maremman pine forest, in contact with a wild and unique nature and high-level services tailored to the whole family, in contact with the La Dogana beach club.