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Suite Cabin

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The Cabins are the perfect accommodation to enjoy a detox holiday with the family in Capalbio. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with kitchen and outdoor patio. The new Cabins at the Glamping Terre di Sacra are immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and equipped with all comforts including air conditioning.

Glamping Terre di Sacra

Space, nature, and privacy are the real luxuries

Located inside a relaxing pine forest, just a few meters from the beautiful Dogana beach, the Glamping Cabins offer a unique experience of tranquility in a unique natural setting. Wake up to the singing of birds and enjoy the shade of the maritime pines during hot summer days with the sound of the sea in the background.

The Glamping Cabins are completely new structures designed for your relaxation and to enjoy the surrounding nature. The fabrics, materials, and colors of the interiors of the Glamping Cabins are studied to be in harmony with the territory, the sea, and the beach, making your vacation natural and exclusive at the same time.

The Glamping Cabins also offer daily cleaning of the accommodation, so you can always find your Cabin clean and in order. All Glamping Cabins are equipped with complete linens. To make your stay even more comfortable, we will also include beach towels, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything bulky on your trip.

After a day of sun and sea, what could be better than a relaxing and fragrant evening bath? In each Glamping Cabin, you will find new and perfect bathrooms, including a shower, but also an outdoor tub, perfect for refreshing yourself and enjoying moments of pure relaxation.

Even more, your stay includes the beach service at the Beach Club La Dogana, where you can have an umbrella and two sunbeds to enjoy the best of sunny days and the sea.

Detox vacation in touch with nature

Terre di Sacra’s Glamping is located on the coast of Capalbio, close to WWF’s Nature Reserve Oasis of Burano. The Oasis is a protected environment where birds and animals can live safe or just find shelter during migrations. The number of migrating birds crossing the Oasis will leave you speechless, the beauty of untamed nature will enchant you. Such are the ideal prerequisites for a unique holiday, disconnected from the hustle and bustle of cities and your work routine.

At Terre di Sacra’s Glamping, nature plays an important role in your holidays. Even though a beach with facilities, such as sun umbrellas, a restaurant and lounge bar Il Doganino is very close, a walk on the free beach is breathtaking.

The sandy dune has remained untamed for years and it lends a unique character to the surrounding area. The dune, like the surrounding area, is inhabited by rare or endangered plant and bird species: children are always fascinated to see how many species live in a space that is relatively so small. You can book a tour of the WWF Oasis or join groups that leave on regular basis from the Oasis’s Visitor Center, not only in the peak season.