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HyperMaremma 2021: contemporary art invades Southern Tuscany

Terre di Sacra, Capalbio Excursions in Maremma

Following the success of last year, HyperMaremma is back to liven up a wide area of the Tuscan territory, from Vulci to Lake of Burano passing through Terre di Sacra. Permanent artworks from contemporary artists are part of the program that is finishing on September 30th, 2021.

Last year’s edition of HyperMaremma finished meeting great success among the public and the media. Terre di Sacra took part in it with the installation “Spazio Amato” by Massimo Uberti, which will be displayed again this year.

The 2021 edition will be focusing on installations capable of re-designing Maremma’s landscape, giving viewers a new and unexpected point of view. A constellation of site-specific artworks is the core of this new edition whose strength in the vastness of the territory involved and the exceptionality of the spaces that has been chosen. 

The program involves different locations in Maremma: from Vulci to Scansano, passing through the Bay of Talamone and the Orbetello Lagoon, the WWF Oasis of Burano and other exceptional places like Terre di Sacra. Here are some of the most representative artworks we would like to introduce to you.

“Hymn to the sun” at the Tower of Talamonaccio

This year, HyperMaremma has started from the Tower of Talamonaccio: “Hymn to the sun” is the title chosen by Studio Mandalaki for the installation that transforms the fifteenth-century Tower overlooking the sea with lights and optical devices. The project was inspired by the sunset’s natural phenomena and by the refraction of sunlight, reinterpreting them through the “Halo Project”, a patented device that creates a peculiar graphic sign through light projections.

The Tower takes on a different dimension, out of time: viewers see a familiar place under a unique and special light for the first time. The site-specific artwork ended in mid-June.

Hypermaremma Station: welcome to Maremma

Located on Via Aurelia at km. 134,4 between Capalbio and Ansedonia, Hypermaremma Station was conceived as a hub introducing to the territory, the outpost to discover the 2021 Edition and all of its projects, a meeting point to get to know the event better as well as a first step to get all the information about all the artistic events organized in Maremma.

The former 1970s’ service station was transformed into a dairy products’ shop by the Corso brothers, entrepreneurs of this small business, part of a constellation of excellences from this territory. Fluorescent yellow stripes and a sign with big modern fonts create an unexpected view on Via Aurelia. The goal is that of drawing passers-by’s attention and inviting them to look at the spaces with new eyes.

Venus rising from the sea: the door to a parallel dimension

“Venus Anadyomene” is an artwork by Emiliano Maggi which appears out of the blue in the heart of Terenzi Farm’s vineyards in Scansano.

The gate designed by the artist seems an open portal to a parallel dimension to one’s own reality. The viewer looks through the gate and re-discovers a vision of a known landscape, that of Maremma’s vineyards.

Presented in 2019 at the Archaeological Park of the Ancient City of Cosa in Ansedonia, it has now found its ideal location in this incredible area in Maremma, reinforcing a partnership with Terenzi’s Winery which, as of this year, has become an essential part of the artistic program reaffirming their presence as one the territory’s excellences that HyperMaremma aims to highlight.

The artwork can be visited from Monday to Sunday 9.30-7.30pm, prior reservation to be made on Terenzi winery’s website.

Spazio Amato

‘Art is necessary in the very moments of crisis, economic and existential. It is necessary to generate new ideas, to awaken sleeping energies’ as HyperMaremma’s organizers say, after this time of pandemic.

This Art Festival, which reached its third edition this year, was set up by Giorgio Galotti and Carlo Pratis with the following cooperation of collectors Lorenzo Bassetti and Matteo d’Aloja. Their aim is to leave their sustainable footprint through Arts awareness, with the contribution of budding and contemporary artists who are invited to relate to the territory’s history and respect it.

The installation ‘Spazio Amato’ placed at Terre di Sacra is a declaration of love to the land that the company has been taking care of and protecting for nearly a century. A big neon light, solitary and silent, reminds everyone how precious the beauty of this strip of land in front of Capalbio is.

The artwork can be seen travelling on Capalbio’s Strada Provinciale Litoranea. It lights up every day from 7pm to midnight, from July 7th until Septempre 15th. GPS coordinates: 42.4044218, 11.3840605