Nature has blessed the area around Capalbio with an enchanted coast, where the endless backdrop of sea and sky reveal a land of rare beauty each day. This magical landscape frames Lake Burano, which nestles parallel to the sea hidden by the green of the tombolo, a strip of pleasant oaks, junipers and pines. The cultivated fields and wild animals recall the agricultural traditions of the past, now merged with more recent tourism.

Set on an estate of 1,000 hectares, the 20 farmhouses at Terre di Sacra (sacred land) are surrounded by fields stretching to the dune that separates them from the sea.

Guests at the Terre di Sacra farmhouses can choose the beach they prefer, pristine and wild like much of the coast overlooking the estate, which can be accessed via country roads. Or La Dogana with bathing resort services, plenty of space, games for children, private parking and the Rosso e Vino alla Dogana restaurant-bar.

Terre di Sacra was founded in 1922, when a group of friends took over a large territory stretching from the castle of Capalbio to the sea, then an inhospitable marshland. Today the estate is an extraordinary place, blending in with nature and the surrounding area. The main mission of Terre di Sacra is to maintain it, by continuing to dedicate significant resources: for example, undergrounding electricity lines and rearranging stone walls; enriching the complex with hundreds of plants and hedges; and developing stronger collaboration with the WWF, which established its first Oasis in Italy here almost 50 years ago.


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