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Frequently asked questions

What products does Terre di Sacra produce?

At Terre di Sacra, we produce meat from our organic Maremmana cattle breeding, which is a Slow Food presidium of the Maremmana breed. We also produce organic olive oil and honey.

Can I buy the meat, honey, and oil?

You can purchase Terre di Sacra’s meat online through our e-commerce platform. The meat can also be tasted at the Locanda di Ansedonia and Fontanile dei Caprai restaurants. Occasionally, depending on production, Terre di Sacra’s meat may be available for purchase at the Simply supermarket in Capalbio Scalo. Currently, it is not possible to buy and take away the meat directly from the estate. However, during your stay, we can arrange for your order to be acquired, but only for deliveries in the areas of Rome, Capalbio, Orbetello, Monte Argentario, and Grosseto. Due to limited production, it is not possible to purchase honey and oil. However, you can taste the olive oil and honey during your stay at Terre di Sacra, as you will find complimentary packages in your accommodation.

Is meat delivery available throughout Italy/Europe?

Not yet. We are working to deliver our meat throughout Italy and Europe, but it is currently not possible. As of now, we only deliver our meat to Rome, Capalbio, Orbetello, Monte Argentario, and Grosseto. Would you like to know when we will be able to deliver meat to your area? Stay in touch with us, and we will notify you when it becomes available.