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Frequently asked questions

What types of houses are available at Terre di Sacra?

At Terre di Sacra, there are 5 categories of houses: Villas with a pool, Villas, Cottages, Small Cottages, and Apartments. Villas can have up to 7/8 double bedrooms, large private gardens and outdoor spaces, with direct access to the sea. Almost all Villas have a heated pool. Cottages have 4/5 rooms with private access to the sea and an incredible view of Lake Burano and the Buranaccio Tower, with the possibility to walk freely to the lake bank. Small Cottages have 2/3 bedrooms, a direct view of Lake Burano, and access to the beach with reserved access.

What is the largest and most prestigious villa at Terre di Sacra?

The Villa dei Tre Ulivi is the largest villa at Terre di Sacra. It has a 25-meter heated pool, direct access to the sea, 7 bedrooms in a main house on 3 floors and 2 annexes, and a 5,000 square meter park. But there are equally charming and prestigious houses, such as Villa del Bambù, Villa della Vite, and Villa dell’Eucalipto. For all these houses, guests have an electric caddy to reach the beach. Basic amenities are included in the kitchens and bathrooms. Furthermore, a concierge service is always available to organize visits, excursions, and discover the wonderful territory of Capalbio and Maremma. These villas are ideal for families and groups of friends who want to recharge their body and mind in the silence and tranquility of unspoiled nature in a charming setting.

Can you rent a villa for just a weekend?

Yes, of course, you can rent one of our villas, cottages, or apartments for short periods, including weekends. However, the philosophy of Terre di Sacra encourages you to discover the places, services, tastes, scents, views, and facilities of the estate at a relaxed and enjoyable pace, which typically requires a few weeks of stay to fully appreciate. For example, the spaces are so vast that even just to orient yourself and move between the various structures, you need some time. In this sense, staying for just a weekend doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy all the beauty of Terre di Sacra. Additionally, many of our houses are rented on a long-term basis, for months or years. So, while it is possible to rent a house for a weekend, often all the houses are already occupied.

How much does it cost and how can I book?

At Terre di Sacra, you can book 3 types of accommodation: the houses at Terre di Sacra, the Terre di Sacra Glamping, or a beach area with sun loungers and umbrellas at the Dogana Beach Club. In any case, to know the cost and to make a reservation, start by clicking the button in the upper right corner [BOOK]. Then select the accommodation you prefer. You will immediately get a quote and the possibility to book houses, Glamping, or beach areas by entering your details. Afterwards, our offices will contact you to finalize the reservation. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly at the following emails: infoglamping@sacra.it, casali@sacra.it or ladogana@sacra.it .