Terre di Sacra



Terre di Sacra was established in 1922, when a group of friends decided to acquire a large territory that stretches from the Castle of Capalbio to the sea. The land was wild, marshy and inhospitable. This did not discourage the group of friends who invested their time, resources and energy. The land’s reclamation engaged the company for dozens of years but the results were stunning and still tangible today. The farm was another feather in the cap for the company and it received a lot of awards for husbandry and agricultural innovations.

Today Terre di Sacra is an extraordinary place, perfectly integrated in the natural landscape and surrounding territory.

Our mission is to protect the territory and focus on what it is best for the land. In order to do so, the fifty-year long relationship with WWF and Burano Oasis has been fundamental.

Terre di S.a.c.r.a.: the history of a territory

Terre di Sacra: Nature Reserve and farm

The Nature Reserve and the farm at Terre di Sacra play an important role in Capalbio. Love for the territory, respect for Nature and the wish to provide the best hospitality services.

In 1968, these moral principles caused us to collaborate with WWF in establishing the Oasis of Lake of Burano (Terre di Sacra’s Nature Reserve), the first Oasis in Italy, within the estate’s boundaries.

Capalbio, charming and cultural holiday

Capalbio is your ideal destination if you long to experience a charming and cultural holiday. History, art, food and wine are familiar to this wonderful village in southern Tuscany.

Capalbio is a romantic village on the southern Tuscan coast. The village, on top of a hill, develops around the Castle built in the eighth-century by the Aldobrandeschi family. The Castle of Capalbio was then acquired by the Orsini family and, in 1416, was annexed to the Republic of Siena.