Terre di Sacra



Capalbio, charming and cultural holiday

Capalbio is your ideal destination if you long to experience a charming and cultural holiday. History, art, food and wine are familiar to this wonderful village in southern Tuscany.

Capalbio is a romantic village on the southern Tuscan coast. The village, on top of a hill, develops around the Castle built in the eighth-century by the Aldobrandeschi family. The Castle of Capalbio was then acquired by the Orsini family and, in 1416, was annexed to the Republic of Siena.

Later on, the village went under the influence of the Spanish Empire. The Spanish were attracted by Lake of Burano, a strategic outpost on the border with Rome and a rich hunting reserve. They also built the Tower that is still visible form the villas and cottages at Terre di Sacra.

Capalbio then fell under the dominion of the Florentine Medici family who carried out a land reclamation’s policy in an area that was mostly a marshland infected by malaria; this family’s policy contributed to enhance remarkably the village’s social and economic conditions.

The dominion of Florence was followed by that of the Lorena family who carried on the land reclamation’s policy started by the Medici. The Lorena family invested countless resources in this project and land reclamation continued until mid-1800’s.

Capalbio today: charming and cultural holidays

Capalbio is today one of the most interesting villages in Maremma. Countless are the monuments we suggest visiting before going to the beach and enjoy the seaside.

The first place worth a visit is the Aldobrandeschi Fortress. Standing on the village’s highest point, it consists of a square tower and an elegant palace made of local stone.

To all those longing to spend a charming and cultural holiday, we suggest wandering in the narrow streets of Capalbio and visiting the very ancient village walls. The first medieval perimeter walls were erected by the Aldobrandeschi between the eleventh and twelfth century to protect the village.

Absolutely not to be missed, the Collacchioni Palace. This ancient palace, close to the Aldobrandeschi Fortress, is hidden inside one of the Towers in Via Collacchioni. Inside you will find three floors finely painted with frescos and decorated in a Renaissance style. The ground floor has a stable, a well and the area of the ancient kitchens. On the first floor, the Puccini Hall has a large fireplace and a fortepiano played by Giacomo Puccini.

Eco-friendly tourism all year round

Thanks to the contribution of the whole Capalbio community, you can take part to loads of activities and events organized in this area.

Concerts, art exhibitions and festivals take place all year round. In spring and summer, there are new film projections, debates and cultural and sports event almost every night.

In particular, if you are willing to experience a charming and cultural holiday in Capalbio we suggest visiting painting exhibitions at the Castle and poetry readings in the wonderful Magenta square.

Nature and ecotourism lovers can enjoy guided tours at dawn at Lake of Burano Nature Reserve. Authorized guides, ready to answer all of your questions, will take you to discover this amazing area. Particularly requested are tours at dawn and dusk.

Worth mentioning is ‘glamping’, a new way to experience a real charming and cultural holiday in Capalbio. Glamping comes from ‘glamorous camping’, i.e.  luxury camping that invites guests at being in harmony with nature but not doing without comfort and style.