The Terre di Sacra estate covers an area of 2,595 acres along the 7,46 miles coast, which goes from the mouth of the river Chiarona to the small village of Torba. Durum wheat, lupin, clover and sunflower are the main crops, together with olive trees that produce an excellent olive oil. Some years ago, the farm also obtained the organic certification. This was possible because the farm itself respects and protects the environment.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Burano Lake WWF Oasis, which is inside the estate, it was possible to start a sustainable fishing program. The program focuses on an extensive fishing method, with particular attention to equipment, methods and species like sea bass, mullet, and eel.

Terre di Sacra is also committed to conservation breeding of cows and horses from the Maremma region. Their quality is so outstanding that, in the past, the manor farm of the estate was official supplier of military horses for the Italian Army and for the Italian Royal House.

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