Lake Burano used to be a game preserve. In 1968 it became the first WWF Oasis in Italy. The beautiful lagoon is dominated by the Saracen Tower and framed by sedges, reeds, rushes and Mediterranean scrub. In the heart of this unspoiled coastline, you can observe rare plants and numerous species of aquatic birds, some non-migratory and thousands of others that come to spend the winter. Any photograph of the Nature Reserve is a testimonial to its beauty, but it only gives you a taste, an irresistible lure to make a visit.

The owners of Terre di Sacra have always fallen in love with their territory. This feeling has lasted nearly a century, as the Estate has defended its agricultural mission from attempts to alter it by extracting raw materials, peat and magnetite. It safeguards its work, as well as the surrounding natural environment. It honours and preserves agriculture and nature, resisting the lure of industry and mining. This moral principle led to partnership with WWF in 1968 to set up the Lake Burano Natural Oasis, the first in Italy. Even to the detriment of the prestigious Maremma hunting tradition.

The WWF Oasis of the Burano Lake and the Orbetello Lagoon are known for the fauna, it includes many bird species including tufted ducks, common pochards, grebes, herons, flamingos, and many birds of prey such as harriers and ospreys. These marvelous territories have a great naturalistic charm and they are known all over the world. It's interesting to visit the "Laguna Aquarium" and "Sea Turtles Rescue Centre" (Tartanet).

WWF oasis Lake of Burano

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