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News at Terre di Sacra in 2021: charming holidays in Capalbio

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To welcome tourists, visitors and holidaymakers in the best way, Terre di Sacra renovates and improves every year. In respect of the environment and the surrounding nature, our company has carried out numerous works of maintenance and enhancements. Find out the philosophy behind the change and what is new in 2021.

There is always something that needs some work of maintenance in an estate like Terre di Sacra where many different activities coexist: hospitality, agricultural activities, beach clubs and a restaurant. At Terre di Sacra work never stops. During the low season, all works of maintenance and enhancement are carried out so that our guests in spring and summer can benefit from them, always in respect of nature and the beauty of the landscapes of Maremma.

Respect for the environment, silence and comfort: this is the mantra at Terre di Sacra in Capalbio

Terre di Sacra follows a simple and well-defined philosophy: environmental protection, silence, simplicity, comfort and leisure, slow tourism and authenticity. Such principles have been guiding the estate’s choices for years.

In 2021, after all the changes occurred to the habits within the travel industry and hospitality, a lot of resources will be destined to the maintenance of villas and cottages including fiber and 5G connections to help smart working. At the same time, our focus is on enhancing environmental protection and reducing emissions. There is a lot of hard work to maintain the estate, and such commitment can sometimes be underestimated, unless you stop it.

In the low season the staff takes care of the routes that lead to the seashore, of the cleanliness of the beach, of fences, dry-stone walls and thousands of small details that will make your charming holidays in Tuscany unforgettable.

New cottages in 2021: Cannella and Malva

With the arrival of season 2021, Terre di Sacra opens the doors of two new Cottages, about 220-sq meters wide, located between Macchiatonda and the west borders towards Ansedonia.

As always, names are evocative: Cottage della Cannella (Cinnamon Cottage) and Cottage della Malva (Mallow Cottage).

The necessary volume has been gained by demolishing unused volumes that could be re-used. Since 1952, when most of the estate was expropriated by Ente Maremma, there has always been the intention not to build new volumes but rather to restore or re-use existing buildings, in order not to increase the building density and preserve the original state of the area.

The two cottages have been designed in accordance with the architecture of the pre-existing Class-A cottages to reduce the energy consumption to the lowest. They are powered by solar energy and the goal is to gain energy independency from the network both for heating and cooling.

Seven villas at Terre di Sacra have a private and heated swimming pool.

Great news at Terre di Sacra is that it is equipping seven out of the nine villas with a swimming pool. Swimming pools are all the same and have been inspired by the irrigation canals on the estate’s fields: they are at the border of the garden and aligned with the canals.

The villas’ swimming pools at Terre di Sacra are 25-meter long, perfect for swimming enthusiasts. The pools are heated, to the delight of children and to enjoy a dive in the garden even at night or in the off season.

Future plans? Glamping, cottages and more swimming pools!

Glamping at Terre di Sacra is certainly our next big project! It is a “glamorous camping” on the seaside, next to the beach club La Dogana: 40 tents located between the Mediterranean maquis and the sea. We will soon be opening a new area on our website with all the information!

One of the new projects at Terre di Sacra is building two more Class A 100-sq-meter Piccolo Cottages. These new units will be built regaining unused empty volumes surrounding the ancient hunting estate called Buranello later renamed “Casa dei Pescatori” (“Fisherman’s House”) right in front of Lake of Burano.

In 2021, the construction of the last two swimming pools at the villas will be carried out. All the villas at Terre di Sacra will have their own private and heated swimming pool.