Terre di Sacra



Capalbio beaches

Capalbio beaches are renowned in Italy and worldwide for their golden sand, sand dunes and beautiful Mediterranean maquis. Long traits of untouched free beach alternate with areas equipped with every amenity.

Capalbio is a wonderful village. Its history, art and nature are valued by travelers coming from all over the world. In particular, Capalbio beaches, that stretch along the 12 kilometers from Orbetello to the borders with Lazio, are beloved and valued by travelers and locals.

Both in summer and winter, the colors of the sky, the sea and natural landscapes become the perfect setting for an excursion out of town or a long weekend escape with the family.

Although following one another for 12 kilometers, Capalbio beaches have major differences. From desert beaches to those equipped with amenities of every kind, Capalbio has the perfect beach for everyone. In spite of its sandy seabed and shallow waters, when the sea is calm its waters are truly crystal clear.

The shallow waters near the shore make this coast particularly suitable for children to bathe safely.

Beaches suitable for children and large families

You can have beach clubs with facilities but most beaches are free. Entries to the shore are easy, you can drive almost to the beach.

All villas at Terre di Sacra have a direct access to the beach and you can drive an electric golf cart to get to the seaside easily.

Beyond the beach you’ll see soft dunes covered by scented Mediterranean maquis. Myrtles, tamarisks, junipers and cork oaks. At Terre di Sacra, the scent of Mediterranean maquis reach the villas during windy days.

Kitesurfing, windsurfing and canoeing are much practiced in Capalbio. Beach clubs with facilities often rent the necessary equipment and organize private and group lessons.

The most beautiful Capalbio beaches (according to us)

Playa La Torba is the Capalbio beach that stands closer to the promontory of Ansedonia: its sand is darker and the area is quiet, beach clubs alternate with free beaches. A 30-minute walk will take you to the promontory of Ansedonia where you can visit La Tagliata Etrusca and Spacco della Regina (ancient Roman ruins).

Going southwards to Terre di Sacra, you’ll meet Macchiatonda where you can also find the first Italian WWF Oasis. This area is equipped with two beach clubs but it’s mostly free beaches. You arrive to the beachside after a lovely walk surrounded by country fields with the maremmana cows and horses grazing in a wild state. This the wildest, most genuine and less crowded expanse of Capalbio coastline. Rent a villa at Terre di Sacra and the entire beach will be at your disposal.

The Oasis beach that lies within the estate has been the set for some scenes of the Italian popular movie “Come un gatto in tangenziale” starring Antonio Albanese and Paola Cortellesi. An unforgettable scene has been filmed on this enchanting free beach, isolated, exclusive, which can be reached only after leaving your car at the car parking and taking a long walk to the sand dunes through the untouched Maremma’s nature. The following movie scenes too have been filmed inside the exclusive restaurant on the beach and they perfectly catch the charm of Terre di Sacra’s “La Dogana”.

Proceeding southward you’ll arrive to Chiarone: this expanse of coast is the site of L’Ultima Spiaggia, one of the most famous beach clubs in Italy, a radical-chic place attended by journalists, politicians and entrepreneurs.

We end this overview of Capalbio’s best beaches with La Dogana di Capalbio, a beach club with facilities and restaurant and bar run by Enoteca La Torre.