Terre di Sacra



Sports and leisure time in Capalbio

Capalbio offers a lot of opportunities to play sports and spend leisure time. Golf courses, manèges for horse riding, five-a-side football but also spas and nature walks 

Your holiday at Terre di Sacra is not only about relaxation. The district of Capalbio and Grosseto’s province offer countless activities to spend your leisure time and practice sports. Children can approach sports that are not usual in urban areas like windsurfing and horse riding. Adults can play golf or fly over sea waves kitesurfing. The whole family can participate to excursions at Burano Oasis, Tarot Garden or Saturnia Thermal Baths.

Sports and leisure time in Capalbio: golf

Golf is becoming the favorite sports of nature lovers. Argentario Golf Club is an amazing panoramic 18-hole course for a total surface of 6218 meters and par-71. In 2019, PGA (Professional Golfers Association) has chosen Argentario Golf Club to become PGA National Italy: Argentario Golf Club is the only PGA licensed golf facility in Italy.

Another beautiful golf course is at Saturnia Thermal Baths. 18 holes immersed in Maremma’s countryside: the course changes its colors with the passing of seasons, from summer’s ochre yellow to autumn’s red and orange. Saturnia Thermal Baths’ golf course is ideal for people who like to play golf in the morning and relax at Thermal Baths in the hottest hours of the day.

Horse rides for beginners and expert riders

Horses were the main means of transportation in Maremma for centuries. Butteri, ‘Tuscan cowboys’, are experienced in breeding and horse riding. This tradition is still much cherished in the entire Capalbio district. In fact, you can find a lot of riding schools offering lessons to young kids, both individual and group.

A few kilometers from Terre di Sacra, many riding schools organize, aside from lessons, horse rides inside the Burano Oasis and on the beach. Needless to say, horse riding on the beach at sunset is a much sought-after experience for expert riders. To reach the beach, you have to cross pine woods and the maquis. Once you get on the seashore, the view is breathtaking.

Tennis, dance and skating

Capalbio is rich in sports and leisure opportunities. Besides golf and horse riding, it is possible to book private tennis, dance and roller skating lessons.

Young boys and girls practicing such sports and wanting to keep training on holidays will find excellent teachers and facilities at only 4 kilometers away from Terre di Sacra.

In Capalbio you can reserve tennis courts both at day and at night and have pizza for dinner at the tennis club to relax after the match and meet new friends.

At Capalbio’s tennis club there is also a five-a-side football synthetic pitch for those who want to compete even under the August sun.

Surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing: schools and equipment rentals

All kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing lovers are invited to book their sports holiday at Terre di Sacra. From the wonderful villa or cottage inside Burano’s Nature Reserve you can reach schools and rentals.

Monte Argentario, in front of the island of Giglio, is a renowned location for both windsurfing and kitesurfing. Cannelle and Purgatorio beaches are an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts who love to surf sea waves with the wind in their hair.