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A tour of Capalbio with children can be unforgettable if you plan it carefully. Activities you can do are countless, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Capalbio is a delightful medieval village situated in southern Tuscan Maremma at about forty kilometers from Grosseto. Known as “Little Athens”, Capalbio attracts thousands of families with children every year who travel here to discover the beauty of the village and local beaches.

The origin of the name Capalbio is uncertain. Some historians believe that it derives from the Latin “caput album” which means white head/cape or from “caput Albii” which means Albio’s head. Younger children will be surprised to see Capalbio’s coat of arms engraved over numerous arches and doors. Can you see what it is? It’s the rampant lion of Siena with a white head between its paws.

A little history for your trip to Capalbio with children

The Capalbio area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age but the first document mentioning Capalbio dates back to the year 805, when Charlemagne donated the Castle to the Abbey of Saints Anastasio and Vincenzo of the Three Fountains. Between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, the castle and the village of Capalbio fell under the dominion of the Aldobrandeschi family and later that of the Orsini and the city of Siena.

The Middle Ages is a time of intense urban development during which great works have been realized such as completing the Fortress and renewing the walls. Things got worse in the Sixteenth century when, after being conquered by the Medici Family, Capalbio underwent the worst economic and demographic crisis. Capalbio loses its independence during the Granducato di Toscana and the number of inhabitants dropped because of plagues afflicting Maremma: malaria and banditry.

Things you cannot miss during a journey to Capalbio with children

While approaching beautiful Capalbio you’ll first see two things: large city walls and the majestic crenellated tower that stands out at the center of the village.

A perfect stop during a trip to Capalbio with children is at its walls. Capalbio has double city walls: walking on them is an amazing experience that adults will love too.

The tower belongs to the ancient Aldobrandeschi Fortress, beyond which lies the impressive Collacchioni Palace. Both buildings are open to the public and, if you like the view of the walls, just imagine the view from the Tower! 

Near the Fortress, in Capalbio’s central square, is San Nicola’s Church. Built between the twelfth and thirteenth century but renovated in the fifteenth century, the Church has interesting elements like some frescoes (15th and 16th century) and some capitals engraved with plants’ and animals’ decorations. Can you recognize any of them? Are they animals from this area? We spotted a wolf but it might be a fox or maybe a long-nose animal.

GVisit Capalbio with children: the best for last!

After all this history, art and antiquities, we must end this tour of Capalbio with delicious ice-cream!

Capalbio’s inhabitants have their favorite ice-cream parlor in Piazza Magenta, very close to the Castle. Just sit and relax around its tables and order a lemonade and a cup of giant ice-cream for everyone!