Terre di Sacra



Did you know that 800 million tons of wastes are dumped into the sea every year? Every day, Italy dumps the equivalent of two Boeing 787 airliners with passengers and luggage included into the sea. Terre di Sacra, always aware of environmental issues, has participated in the first ‘Circular beach harvest’ event to raise public opinion’s awareness about recycling and treating waste going into the sea.

About 800 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans every year: if the current trend continues, oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050. Plastic is not only incredibly polluting but it is also valuable and that’s why we have to collect it instead of disposing of it.

July 2020: Miniwiz and Terre di Sacra team up to collect and make plastic valuable

Miniwiz, a leading company in developing technological and environmental projects, acknowledges the value of single-use plastics, metal and glass. Miniwiz transforms industrial and domestic wastes into sustainable building materials, special fabrics and designer windows.

It is easy: if we all use plastic objects once, we’ll soon be drowning in them. Since 2005, Miniwiz has been battling to reach a ‘circular economy’, that is a system where all materials are used several times, recycled and then reused again and again to reach ‘zero waste’.

The Circular Beach Harvest event organized at Terre di Sacra has highlighted the quantity of plastic on our beaches and the difficulty to collect and distinguish the different types of plastic and also the difficulty to regenerate the materials giving them a new life and usage.

One plastic, many plastics

Last summer, Terre Di Sacra and Miniwiz invited a group of entrepreneurs, young artists, scientist and environmentalists to the beach of the Burano Oasis. This lively company was divided into two teams: the ‘One Ocean’ team led by Jan Pachner and the ‘Miniwiz’ team led by Flavio Graziano.

The aim of the competition was to collect as much plastic as possible and divide it into 7 different categories.

The section of the beach where the Circular Beach Harvest event occurred had not been cleaned for a week. The result was unexpected: in just one day, 150 kilos of plastic was collected.

The event showed clearly how plastic’s collection is only the first step towards ‘zero waste’. To prevent waste from ending up again into the sea, it is likewise important, after collecting it, to divide and select the different types of plastic in order to reuse them. Such selection is not easy without the help of experts and it takes a high level of accuracy.

At the end of the competition there was no winner.

Everyone gave their best and learnt something very important: understanding the recycling process, its costs and impact on the environment enables us to make informed decisions when we choose what to buy for us, our family or our company.

A few months later, thanks to all the materials collected on the beach at Terre di Sacra, participants received a telephone holder partially produced with the same plastic collected in Capalbio. A small thing with a great symbolic value.