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Eco-friendly holiday in Capalbio: Cottage del Lupino

Cottage del Lupino, at Terre di Sacra, is the ideal destination for people willing to experience an eco-friendly holiday in Capalbio, Tuscany. Tuscany is renowned for its splendid natural landscapes and this cottage is ideal to spend your holidays in the untouched nature.

Cottage del Lupino is the ideal solution for families with children and groups of friends dreaming of an eco-friendly seaside holiday. The holiday house is surrounded by a wide garden where you can enjoy a view over the countryside, Lake of Burano and the amazing Saracen tower.

Cottage del Lupino consists of a single main building: the ground floor has a wide living room, two bedrooms with walk-in closets and bathrooms, a room for the staff and a bathroom for your guests. The attic has two other bedrooms and a bathroom. Bedrooms are air-conditioned.

Furnishings have a Tuscan rustic style, where earthy colors dominate: taupe, sage and brown. The floor is covered with precious Tuscan cotto tiles, embracing all rooms with ancient and genuine warmth.

The living room has a large dining table, wide white sofas and a fireplace: you’ll notice a cast-iron wild boar in the fireplace, which is meant to protect the guests from the fire’s intense heat. The outdoor patio is covered with a stunning American vine that turns red in autumn. The patio has comfortable sofas, armchairs full of cushions and a beautiful table for lunches and dinners in the open air and where you can have a chat sipping good Tuscan wine.

Eco-friendly holidays in Capalbio, in the heart of Maremma

The beautiful Capalbio beach can be reached by Cottage del Lupino’s guests walking a private path which crosses the WWF Nature Reserve. The path is about 700-meter long and it is ideal to be followed by foot, bicycle or with children. An electric golf cart is available for Cottage del Lupino’s guests to reach the private hut on the beach.

The variety of plants and animals that you can watch along the path goes beyond imagination. Apart from the reed bed along the lakeshore, you can also see maritime pines, myrtle bushes, junipers, mastic trees and phillyrea. Beautiful are the cork oaks that can live up to 400 years.

Many guests report seeing foxes, badgers, stone martens and weasels. Especially early in the morning, it is not unusual to see a big porcupine wandering about the Reserve with its colorful quills.

Lake of Burano is a destination for many migratory birds arriving at the Oasis to spend winter months. At WWF Nature Reserve’s Visitor Center, you will get all the necessary information about guided excursions, nature paths to walk with children and activities for the whole family.

Capalbio, a charming seaside holiday

Capalbio has always been renowned for being a beautiful, exclusive and fine village on the seaside. The village’s beauty equals that of its natural landscapes and of the attractions that enhances it.

One of the favorite destinations for Cottage del Lupino’s guests is certainly La Dogana di Capalbio, a beach club that includes a bar-restaurant.

For those who are willing to experience an eco-friendly holiday in Capalbio and be entirely immersed in nature, we suggest the beach in front of the Cottage, private and exclusive. At guests looking for amenities, we recommend La Dogana with its many facilities and Club La Macchia.

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