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Holiday house rental in Capalbio: Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva

If you are willing to rent a holiday house in Capalbio, we suggest discovering Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva. This charming villa in the Tuscan Maremma is ideal for families with children, for groups of friends and nature lovers.

Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva is the favorite choice of families with young children. This amazing villa with a breath-taking view over Lake of Burano is perfect for a mom, dad and two or three young children.

Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva develops on a single floor. A garden surrounds the cottage and maritime pines’ thick foliage protect the building from sunshine.

Standing on the outdoor patio, you can enjoy a lovely view over the sixteenth-century Buranaccio Tower. Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva has a large dining room with a stone fireplace and kitchen annexed. Particularly appreciated is its functional laundry. This Cottage has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with large bath tubs to relax after a tiring day of vacation.

Despite lacking direct access to the seaside, guests at Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva can get to the beach by a private entrance following a nice dirt road by car or bicycle.

This road is very easy also for families with strollers and for young kids who cannot go around unaccompanied but who long to be independent. After a 10-minute walk, the road will take you directly to the beach passing through golden sand dunes and Mediterranean maquis.

Nature is central for a holiday in Capalbio

A wonderful garden surrounds the house. A scented lavender hedge separates the garden from the lake shores. A peculiarity of this holiday house’s garden are its shady pines, a wide fig tree and some small grapevines. If you are lucky and rent this villa in September, you can help our staff harvest the grapes and pick the figs directly from the plant.

Another guests’ favorite plant from Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva’s garden is the pomegranate. In Eastern cultures, this tree’s fruit represents wealth and prosperity. A pomegranate standing nearby is a good-luck charm for wealth for those inhabiting this charming villa.

If you have the chance to travel in autumn or spring, we suggest that you choose Terre di Sacra off-season. These are the best seasons to experience the real essence of Maremma’s natural landscapes with its wildest and most genuine features.

Loads of activities to do with the whole family in Capalbio

Piccolo Cottage dell’Uva is located within Burano Nature Reserve, an area protected by WWF since 1980. The Reserve’s Visitor Center, the starting point for all guided tours of the Park, is only a few minutes away from the cottage.

Loads are the sports activities that you can practice in your leisure time in Capalbio. The concierge service at Terre di Sacra is at your disposal to contact local beach clubs to rent kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment. A couple of sailing clubs a few kilometers away from Capalbio can also offer sailing lessons. You can also play tennis and five-a-side football as well as skate.

And if you just cannot get enough of water, you can also enjoy Saturnia Thermal Baths with its spa and outdoor pools.

A few steps from the Cottage

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