Terre di Sacra



Holidays at Terre di Sacra are the ideal solution to keep social distancing. Here, you will find large spaces, private beach and a very small number of people.

A post-Covid-19 holiday focuses on safety, cleanliness, disinfection and distancing. At Terre di Sacra all this was already in effect in the past but we are now even more focused on such issues and on our Guests’ well-being and safety.

A recent poll held by Tripadvisor highlighted that, as of 2020, 92% of its users consider cleanliness as the key factor to choose a holiday destination. We are aware that, if you want to spend carefree holidays, cleanliness is a key issue and we are committed to sanitize our villas and cottages properly.

Safety and cleanliness are our priorities

Terre di Sacra is a big family and, for us, it is fundamental to take care of our Guests and our Staff starting from safety. We keep up to date with Government guidelines and we put into effect all hygienic-sanitary measures to provide the maximum sanitation and cleanliness. We have always dedicated effort and resources to keep our villas, cottages and beach clean: we are currently dedicating even more time to this aspect so that our guests can fully enjoy their holidays. 

Our housekeeping staff have been specially trained on sanitizing and disinfecting, on safety and cleaning in order to reduce contamination to the maximum extent and prevent possible risks.

Large open-air spaces to enjoy a safe holiday in Tuscany

Real luxury during a holiday at Terre di Sacra has always been represented by the large spaces at our guests’ disposal as well as their privacy. All villas and cottages have private gardens, beach with facilities at their disposal and dedicated paths leading to the seaside which can be attended by Terre di Sacra’s guests only.

Every house is independent and equipped with all comforts. It is possible to spend the whole holiday at Terre di Sacra without attending crowded places.

Distancing has always been possible here thanks to large open-air spaces that make a holiday in Capalbio safe and pleasant. 

12-kilometer beach for ‘natural’ social distancing

Terre di Sacra offers its Guests a 12-kilometer beach. All villas guarantee a private and direct access to the sea front and the exclusive use of sun chairs and cabanas. As a joke, we use to say that at Terre di Sacra we offer a ‘natural’ social distancing because spaces here are really huge.

The beachside has always been our pride because of the beauty of its sand dunes stretching to the sea and the nearby Lake of Burano, a WWF Nature Reserve established in 1968 within Terre di Sacra’s boundaries. Peacefulness of these places and the privacy you can enjoy at our villas are the reasons why many of our guests choose to book their holidays at Terre di Sacra to escape the hustle